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  • Hieroglyphs step by step                       Structured site introducing elements of grammar with examples and dictionary facility

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A selection of links covering various aspects of Egyptology.  Under construction, more links to be added.

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  • Digital Giza            The Giza Project began in 2000 at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, with the goal of digitizing all of the archaeological documentation from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston – Harvard University expedition to Giza, Egypt (circa. 1904-1947).  Also creating 3D models of the site.
  • Abydos Archaeology  The online journal of the North Abydos Expedition.


  • Egyptology Resources                                 website posts a wide range of links to various institutions, museums, digs, journals, news groups.
  • Osirisnet:Tombs of Ancient Egypt    is mainly devoted to the tombs and mastabas of Ancient Egypt.  Detailed descriptions

                                                                                      and  images of tombs.

  • The Royal Titulary of Ancient Egypt          Excellent site having full titularies of all the pharaohs with hieroglyphs, transliteration and translation.
  • The History of Egypt Podcast                     An ongoing series of podcasts covering the history of ancient Egypt from predynastic onwards.