​​Bringing Egyptology to Chesterfield
The Chesterfield Egyptology Society (formerly the SSAE Local Chesterfield Group would like to present the  2022 season of events.  
  Held at Chesterfield Library Lecture Theatre,  Beetwell Street, Chesterfield, S40 1QN  
  Single Talks, Saturdays, starting at 1:30pm – 3:30pm.  
            Cost per lecture is £5 
  Study Days, Saturdays, starting 10.45am – 3.30pm  
    *Members rate when paid in advance.  
** Non- members rate when paid in advance. 

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The Society for the Study of Ancient Egypt

The Chesterfield Egyptology Society  (CHES)

“The Western Wadis Of The Theban Necropolis: Evidence, Anachronism And Dogma"

  by  Piers Litherland

                  Saturday 7th May 2022  1:30 - 3:30 pm

Chesterfield Public Library Live and on Zoom here


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We are really looking forward to a great 2022 with a return to normality and a return to live talks in Chesterfield in March. We were hoping that an old friend John Wyatt would kick things off by coming to do a study day on flora and fauna of ancient Egypt for our first talk. Unfortunately John has had to pull out due to health reasons, but we have a great replacement in Claire Ollett, who in the centenary year of the discovery of KV62 is doing a talk for us on Howard Carter’s early years, definitely not to be missed on the 12th March.

We are hoping to arrange two study days in July and September and are currently in discussion with specific speakers about this. When we know more we will let you know.
In May we really have something very special for you, so special that we really should call it Super May: live talks on successive weekends by speakers currently excavating in Luxor.
On May 7th, Piers Litherland will be talking to us about his work in the Western Wadis. Piers has been excavating there since 2015 following up on a survey that Howard Carter undertook in 1916 when two tombs came to light following rare rain storms. It is very likely that Carter would have returned to the Western Wadis to resume his
survey work and commence excavations if it was not for the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. Carter believed that these Wadis were part of the lost necropolis
of the royal families. In the 19th dynasty the Valley of the Queens fulfilled the purpose of burial ground for the senior royal family members but there is no equivalent burial
ground known for the 18th dynasty. Piers has made some remarkable discoveries which he is eager to tell us about. Then on 14th May we are delighted to welcome Dr Catherine Jones of the Department of Archaeology, HU University Berlin. She will be delivering her first ever UK talk on the site she has been excavating for several years in the western hills of Luxor at Deir el – Bachit.
Finally on November 5th is our very own Jo Derbyshire who is going to give us a talk,
entitled “Searching for Sobek”, an update on the ongoing excavations of the destroyed temple of Sobek at Gebel el Silsila. The talk will focus on the presenter’s analysis of the 2000+ fragments especially the iconographical aspects of the crocodile cult.

All for now, Dave, Karren & Julian.

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