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The SSAE possesses a collection of materials available for loan, to members only, free of charge .

They include DVD's recordings of many of the Societies past lectures dating back to 1994. 

Featuring the eminent Egyptologists noted in the 'About Us' page, they are intended to offer an opportunity for members to view a lecture they missed or wish to reprise.

Permission for recording is given by the each lecturer and the understanding is that the recording is for circulation within the society and not to be copied and distributed further.

The DVD Lecture collection is maintained by Terry Wilson and are brought to each lecture where members can browse the list of titles and borrow the DVD's.

If you wish, you can contact me with a specific request and I will bring it to the next lecture (subject to availability).

A full listing of available titles in chronological order of lecture  can be viewed here.

   or seen sorted by alphabetical order of speaker here.

Additionally we also have available a collection of  video, DVD and audio cassette recordings, collected over many years by our Publications Secretary and editor of 'The Scribe', Paul Lappage.

A categorized listing of both collections is available below : 



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