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 Main Society Events

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SSAE Main Society Calendar 2018/19

                                                                      TITLE - SPEAKER                                                                                       
February 10th 2018

The Anubis Catacombs of North Saqqara

Paul Nicholson, Cardiff University

February 24th 2018

The Valley of the Kings: research and discoveries in several of the lesser known tombs

Dr Don Ryan

This is an extra event jointly organised with SSAE Local Group.  There will be an entrance fee

of £4.00 for all attendees including SSAE Members

April 14th 2018

He shall belong to the flames of Sekhmet and the burning heat of Bastet: Curses, Punishments and Threat Formulae in Ancient Egypt

Margaret Beaumont, Egyptologist

June 9th 2018

Egyptology’s Dirty Secret: The Importance of Paper Squeezes

Dr Charlotte Booth, University of Birmingham

August 4th 2018

From Fragments to a Tomb: Rediscovering Tanetis, the Musician of Nekhbet in El Kab

Dr Susanne Woodhouse MA, The British Museum

October 13th 2018

Gift of the Gods: Animal Mummies Revealed

Dr Lidja McKnight, Manchester Museum

December 1st 2018
A One-Way Ticket from Egypt to Italy: The Two Lives of Egyptian Obelisks
Dr Luigi Prada, University of Oxford
February 9th 2019
Senenmut, Status and Scandal
Dr Campbell Price – Manchester Museum
April 27th 2019
The History & Development of Deir el Medinah
Dr Cedric Gobeil – Director of Egypt Exploration Society

Our Programme for 2018
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   All Main SSAE Lectures at Chesterfield begin at 1:30 pm.
   All Main SSAE Lectures at Nottingham begin at 2:00 pm.
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