SSAE Main Society Calendar 2016 -17

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 December 3rd 2016

Hedgehog Boats, healing ointment and Delta Religious Practice

Dr Penny Wilson     (more info)

 February 11th 2017

Tomb Security in Ancient Egypt

Dr. Reg Clark      (more info)

 April 22nd 2017

Understanding the Art of Ancient Egypt          

Eileen Goulding     (more info)       

 June 3rd 2017

The Mummy:  Ancient Craft,  Modern Science

Dr. Bob Loynes    (more info)

 August 12th 2017

New Discoveries in the Valley of the Kings: Changing our view of the End of the Amarna Period

Steve Cross  [Booking to be confirmed]

 October 7th 2017

Excavation of Two Old Kingdom Settlements near Giza – Heit el-Ghurab & Kenttkawes

Ana Tavares, Co-Field director, Ancient Egypt Research Associates (AERA)

 December 2nd 2017 

Who Made the Dead Stone Speak: Tracing the Sculptors of Ancient Egyptian Staues

Marcel Maree, British Museum


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